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GTS-1533 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

GTS-1533 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Great and compact portable Bluetooth mini speaker Nice model GTS-1533 with a high-quality holder and amazing sound capability compared to¬†its very tall, smooth, and clear with a lot of basses suitable for small parties and entertainment And periods are familiar.

  • These portable and rechargeable 3-inch mini¬†speakers¬†with a weight of 300 grams and a rechargeable internal battery make it easy for the user to carry it and¬†enjoy his music outside the house and in places where city electricity is not available. Other features that make this model special and different from other models in the market are the presence of
    a bright functional flashlight to help you travel and places where you need a lamp.

  • Great Nice GTS-1533 portable Bluetooth mini-speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, support for USB input ports, and a memory card slot that you can choose¬†from as needed.¬†Being a Bluetooth feature, it can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including a mobile phone or tablet, and

  • play and control the desired song through it.

  • Two USB input ports or an SD card slot are also a good solution when the phone is not available, Easily put your favorite¬†song or podcast on a flash drive or memory and play it.

  • Two USB / card ports can support and play music files in FAT32 format with a maximum size of 32 GB.

  • Other features of this Great Speaker wireless speaker are equipped with FM radio and frequency adjustment also gives you.

  • As you can see in the pictures, on the back of the device, there are 5 multimedia keys to manage the control of sound and music, which can¬†easily manage and adjust your music or radio programs.

  • These buttons include the mode key marked with the letter M to select the types of connections (BT / USB / TF / FM), two buttons to increase and decrease the volume
    and back and forth cracks, a Play / Pause key to play And a music pause, and a key to turn the flashlight on and off.

  • Another feature of the GTS-1533 model is the ability to dance light, which automatically changes colors when activated and beautifies your environment.

  • Charging source and supply of this product by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged by a micro USB cable with a voltage of 5 volt

Product Specification:

  • Portable Rechargeable Wireless Speaker
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • FM Radio
  • Memory Card & USB Supported
  • Torch Flash Light
  • Rechargeable Battery 1200 mAh
  • Output Power: 5 Watt
  • Battery Backup: 2 Hours
  • Charging Time: 2 - 3 Hours
  • Drive Size: 3 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 14 x 13 x 7.5 CM
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