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i11 TWS Airpods

i11 TWS Airpods

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Operation Manual:

  • Turn on the charging box switch (blue or ruddy lights on).
  • Open the best cover of the charging box and take out the earphones. The earphones are automatically turned on and coordinated. (Critical indicate: Turning on the charging box switch time recently turning on the charging box is the prerequisite for the programmed boot-up of earphones).
  • The earphones are put into the charging box to enter the charging mode, and the headphones are turned off naturally.
  • i11 Tws remote headset cleared out and right earphones can be independently associated.
  • i11 Tws remote earphones will consequently close down in the event that they are not associated with Bluetooth gadgets for 5 minutes.



Headphone Touch Function: 

  • Touch the position of the cleared-out ear and the proper ear and reply to the phone with one touch. The volume of the cleared-out earphone decreases with two touches. The correct headphone increments with two touches. The cleared-out earphone clicks the following tune with three clicks. The correct headphone clicks the final tune with three clicks. Long press function of 3 seconds, long press switch of 5 seconds, two earphones call at the same time.
  • Turn on the phone after the shutdown, and the earphones naturally interface with the versatile phone.
  • The full machine has voice prompts.
  • Earphones have sound in both ears for two-channel calls
  • The playing time of headphone music is around 2-3 hours, the calling time is approximately 4 hours, and the standby time is almost 6 hours.
  • The battery capacity for charging situate is 300mAh and the earphone's battery capacity is 35mAh.


How to Use i11:

Tap the charging case-control on the switch Open the charging case and take off the earbuds, at that point earbuds auto-power on and match (vital update: the condition of earbuds auto-power on is to turn on the switch of the charging case).



Pair with the device:

  • Turn on Bluetooth within the device.
  • Search i11 and connect to i11.


Product Specification:

  • Item type: Wireless Airpods
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Auto charge
  • Auto pairing
  • Auto power on
  • Touch using Siri
  • Open the lip and connect it automatically
  • Working time: 2-3 hours.
  • Standby time: 100/h for one ear and 60/h for both ears.
  • Charging time: 1-1.5 hours.
  • Single earphone battery capacity: 35mAh.
  • Charger box battery: 300mAh.
  • Wireless distance: 10m.
  • Compatible mobile phones: headphones are compatible with Android, IOS, Microsoft, etc

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