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Westpoint Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153

Westpoint Handy Garment Steamer WF-1153

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Product Specification:

  • 250 ml Water Tank Capacity.
  • Use High-Temperature Steam for Ironing Clothes, and it can remove. Wrinkles on clothing surfaces and get rid of Dust, and local Dry Cleaning is Environment Friendly and Healthy.
  • Automatic Control of Heating can produce Steam continuously, convenient for continuous ironing.
  • Rapid Generation of High-Temperature Steam.
  • Exquisite, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Double transparent Water Gauge and Water amount are visible.
  • Detachable Nozzle, with convenient Water Injection.
  • 1300 Watts 230V - 50/60Hz
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